christ on a fucking cracker, i hate this fandom sometimes. Giving me shit for who I ship. Seriously?

No I’m not a fucking “traitor”, I still ship the hell out of Klaroline. It will always be my otp. I love them both to death and that ship will always have my heart.

But Caroline is the only reason I still even watch TVD. I gotta amuse myself somehow. So yes, I now ship Carenzo. Actually, I ship Caroline with everyone tbh cause if you haven’t notice that precious blonde angel of death is very shippable.

But it’s called multi-shipping, its not a fucking crime. 

My sister once told me something very wise about shipping; “if you want to keep your heart from breaking, ship everyone.”

And i’ve always done just that.

I’m an open-minded multi-shipper, i ship everything and I refuse to feel guilty about it.